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Intra-Articular Joint Injection

Intra-articular joint injections are common therapeutic procedures for reducing pain and inflammation in a joint from conditions like arthritis.

AC Joint Injection

An AC joint injection is the injection of a powerful anti-inflammatory medication into the AC joint, located in the front portion of the shoulder. This medication can decrease inflammation in the AC joint significantly reducing pain.

Subacromial Bursa

A subacromial bursa injection can help determine whether shoulder pain involves the structures that lie within the subacromial space (ie, subacromial bursa or rotator cuff). This is accomplished through delivery of the corticosteroid to either the subacromial bursa or the rotator cuff.

Suprascapular Nerve Blocks/Radiofrequency

A suprascapular nerve block is an injection of a local anesthetic in the affected shoulder to block the nerves that influence pain. You may be eligible for radiofrequency denervation creating a heat lesion around the nerves to block them from carrying pain signals to the brain.

 Stem Cells/PRP

Stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) are both biologics that can assist in the regeneration of damaged tissue. They can work together to potentially repair and regenerate damaged tissue and can be a viable alternative to surgery.

Peripheral Nerve Stimulator

Peripheral nerve stimulation involves surgery that places a small electrical device next to one of the peripheral nerves. The device delivers rapid electrical pulses to the nerve or nerves using one or several electrodes.


DRG stimulation features two components that are surgically implanted: A pulse generator, which is placed beneath the skin in the buttocks or abdomen, and up to four leads. The leads are attached to the pulse generator and the tissue near the target treatment area. When activated, the leads send very small electrical impulses to the dorsal root ganglion, thereby blocking the pain stimulant.