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Miami Valley Ambulatory Surgery Center

Miami Valley Ambulatory Surgery Center (MVASC) was established on April 10,1997. The facility was Montgomery County’s first multi-specialty, free standing surgical center. The facility was founded in response to the national trend toward more cost-effective and convenient care. In conjunction with Dayton Outpatient Center (DOC), we strive to provide high quality care without the out of pocket costs of a hospital-based surgery center.

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Patients love the personal attention they receive at MVASC. Our nurses are right there before and after the procedure to help you prepare and recover quickly and safely.

• Your surgeon will give you a date and a time for your surgery
• You will be told when and where to go for pre-op testing.
• Tests that may be ordered are Lab work, X-rays and/or EKG
• During your pre-op interview you may be asked personal questions such as: Have you had previous surgeries, or allergies? What Medications do you take? Other health questions may be asked.

• Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the day of your surgery
• Do not chew gum, smoke or eat candy
• Take your medications as instructed by the surgery staff with a sip of water
• Leave your jewelry or any valuables at home
• Remove dark nail polish or acrylic from at least one finger
• Wear glasses instead of contacts
• If you use inhalers, please bring with you
• If you are diabetic, check your blood sugar and bring any insulin with you
• Someone from the surgery staff will call you the day before your scheduled surgery to answer any questions and remind you of these pre-op instructions.

• Please arrive at the surgery center at the time you are given during your pre-op reminder call
• Bring your insurance cards and/or prescription cards with you
• Wear comfortable clothing suitable for the surgery you are having
• You will change into a surgical gown
• A consent will need to be signed and an IV may be started
• After surgery you will need to stay until your vital signs are stable and your pain is tolerable
•You must have someone with you to drive you home
• Ask any questions you may have

• Please read all of your discharge instructions
• Specific discharge instructions will be given and explained including: when to follow up, any prescriptions and any dressing instructions.
• Someone should be with you following your discharge from the surgery center
• Take it easy until your surgeon says you can return to your normal routine
• Your Surgeon’s phone number will be on your discharge paper, call if you have uncontrolled pain, increased bleeding or temperature greater than 100 degrees orally. If something does not feel right, do not hesitate to call your Surgeon
• if you can not reach your surgeon call us at 937-252-5500 ext. 226
• We will call you on the next business day following your surgery to check your progress

NOTE: If you have an emergency, go directly to your nearest emergency room or call 911

1) Will I be asleep for my procedure? You will NOT be asleep for the procedure. Twighlight anesthesia is given allowing you to be comfortable during the procedure.

2) Can I take my medications the morning of my procedure? Yes, you should take your medications as prescribed except if on blood thinner or insulin, please refer to pre-operative instructions given to you.

3) Should I take my insulin if I am a diabetic? If your morning blood sugar is <200 hold insulin till after your procedure. You finger stick glucose will be checked before your procedure as well.

4) Do I need a driver? Yes, if you are getting anesthesia for the procedure. Your driver MUST sign and be present to allow you to get anesthesia for your procedure.

5) What if I do not have a driver? Most of these procedures can be done with local anesthetic and will be an option for you if you do not have a driver.

6) What if my insurance changes before my scheduled procedure? Please notify our surgery receptionist Felicia at (937-252-2000 ext 382) about your insurance change at least 1 week before your procedure.

7) What if I can NOT stop my blood thinner due to a medical condition? Please call 24 hours in advance before your procedure to speak with a nurse or talk to your provider in the office to discuss not stopping your blood thinner.

8) What if I forget my appointment and do not cancel within 24 hours? Please refer to the NO SHOW policy that you have signed in pain management regarding cancellations and possible fees.

9) Is there a place for my personal belongings? Lockers and key are available for your belongings. We suggest all valuables remain at home or with your family member. Dayton Outpatient Center and MVASC is not responsible for lost items.

10) Are these injections safe? Each injection is performed by your physician in a sterile operating room under fluoroscopy (X-ray) guidance to ensure the injections are done in the safest way possible. Proper monitoring is performed for each procedure.