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Ohio Opioid Guidelines

There has been an increasing rise in overdoses of powerful painkillers in the United States in recent years. Ohio is among the top five states with the highest rates of opioid-related overdose deaths. The Ohio State Medical Board has recently implemented guidelines for prescribers for acute and chronic opioid management. These are meant to be guidelines to provide safety checkpoints for prescribers and limit the amount of excess tablets that have a higher risk of misuse and diversion.

Here at DOC Pain Management, we understand the difficulties prescribers face when managing patients with acute and chronic pain that may require opioids. Our board certified, fellowship-trained physicians are here to serve as a resource to you and your patients to ensure that they are receiving the adequate treatment they need. While many patients need ongoing opioid treatment for chronic pain, DOC Pain Management will assess the ability to help patients reduce the amount of opioids if possible through a multidisciplinary approach. DOC Pain Management also can consult with you to provide adequate documentation and follow up with immunoassay urine drug screens to ensure you are following the most up to date guidelines when prescribing opioids.