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Doc Talks: A Day in The Life of Pain Patients & Staff

Today we are speaking with Stephanie Mattox one of the managers and long-standing member of the Dayton Outpatient Center (DOC) team. Welcome Stephanie, and thanks for joining us.  

Please tell us a little bit about your experience at DOC.

I have been with DOC for about 15 years, and have moved from medical assistant (MA) to now a manager of the pain clinic. DOC is a great company to work with, and the whole team is like a family. There are several employees who have stayed with the company for a long period of time because of the opportunity and atmosphere. I have made my closest friends at DOC, and Dr. Gupta is a very loyal person to work for. The company treats employees and staff like family.

What is your favorite DOC tradition? 

Probably the Thanksgiving potluck or holiday party. It is nice to see the staff and providers outside of the office, out of their scrubs, and to get to know everyone’s families. DOC and Dr. Gupta especially appreciate and understand the importance of family, and work with their employees to accommodate a good work-life balance. When someone has a new baby or grandbaby, they are always so excited to introduce them to DOC.  That’s what makes DOC such a great place to work.

Thanks for sharing that insight into the company philosophy. Now moving into the work you do for DOC as the Pain Clinic Manager, can you walk us through what a typical visit to DOC looks like for a patient.

First a patient visits reception and checks in. Wait times can vary but with 1-2 physicians, and about 3 nurse practitioners on the floor, the practice is very busy but efficient. We do conduct random urine drug screens to make sure that patients are compliant with their pain contracts, and for new patients. New patients assessed by physician and treatment plans are developed for them. An appointment can last anywhere between 15 minutes to about an hour, and then patients are scheduled for follow-up appointments. Patients generally leave happy and informed. 

How do you improve patient satisfaction in the practice?  

One of the things we pride ourselves on is excellent customer service as a part of overall patient care. We have many positive patient satisfaction surveys that our patients have handed to us and we also make sure that we pay attention to any negative patient reviews internally and publicly.  We try to address both the positive and the negative and resolve any issues a patient may have. We encourage feedback as it gives us the opportunity to become a stronger practice. 

Thanks, Stephanie for chatting with me today and we wish you all the best.