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Doc Talks – Episode 1

Dr. Suresh Gupta of Dayton Outpatient Center (DOC) Pain Management talks about using a multidisciplinary approach to combat The Opioid Crisis. Listen as he explains the types of treatments that fall under this category, how DOC ensures their patients are following their prescribed treatment plans, and more.

Welcome to Doc Talks Mini Video/Podcast Series

Hello and welcome to our new video podcast mini-series Doc Talks where we chat with our providers about acute and chronic pain. Our first guest is Dayton Outpatient Center’s very own Dr. Suresh Gupta. Dr. Gupta has worked very hard to obtain a good education and specialized training through 2 separate residencies, a fellowship in Pain, and takes advantage of every opportunity he can to build a business that gives back to his community and patients. Welcome, Dr. Gupta and thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with me!


These days, Pain clinics across the nation, are being looked at under scrutiny because of the serious opioid crisis we are facing. What is DOC doing to combat The Opioid Crisis?

DOC offers doctors and nurses providing a multi-disciplinary approach to Chronic Pain. We are not a run of the mill clinic dispensing pills all day.

Tell me more about your multidisciplinary approach to chronic pain.

Our providers are constantly using many different types of injections designed to treat various symptoms, narcotic and non-narcotic oral medications, and physical therapy amongst other things.

How do you avoid misuse of medication and diversion by patients?

Unfortunately, because of the nature our practice, our clinic, like most other Pain Clinics, is faced with the possibility that some people are seeking drugs to sell or misuse. Therefore, we monitor the use of the prescribed medications by performing urine drug screens, pill counts, and other modalities.

How long has DOC been around?

We have been a pain management practice for 25 years, we have helped tens of thousands of patients, and employed hundreds Dayton residents. Our practice 100% referral-based and due to our reputation in pain management over 3,000 physicians have referred their patients to us. We continue to grow and progress, investing and learning about new treatments and technologies to better help our patients.

Thank you so much for your time and the information. Next week we will have one of the providers, Dr. Priyesh Mehta speak about his experience and work with DOC.