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Doc Talks: A Vietnam Veteran’s Perspective on Pain Management at Dayton Outpatient Center

Hello and welcome to another episode of Doc Talks. I’m here with a patient of Dayton Outpatient Center chatting about their experience with DOC Pain Management. Thank you for meeting with me today.

Tell me a little bit about yourself and what brought you to DOC Pain Management.

My name is Paul. I am from the Xenia area. I originally started here probably back in 2005. I had a laminectomy back surgery done back in 2003, and then I had a refix in 2004 and failed back surgery, and I woke up with a lot of pain in my leg and foot, burning sensation nerve pain, and I really liked Dr. Gupta working for him, and he’d evaluate me and see what he could do for the pain I was having, because it was, it was just like someone taking a torch on my foot 24/7. So we went to the spinal cord stimulator, we put it in, thing worked fantastic.

When working it’s like a tingling massage sensation that runs down your back, down your leg, you program it to wherever you’re having the pain.

I have seen Dr. Mehta and he seemed like a really fantastic guy. Whatever he did that got me off of the strong pain meds and I didn’t have to take hardly any pain meds at the time I was so happy.

Did you get another spinal cord stimulator in?

It’s just been a year next month that I have had it in, I use it almost 24/7. It works fantastic.

Has DOC Pain Management helped improve your quality of life?

Yes, well when I was having a lot of pain and burning, of course burning and pain depresses you, you don’t want to do nothing. But now, [since the spinal chord stimulator] I’d get up more. I got two, 5-year-old little granddaughters that I’m on the with on the floor with playing barbies with them. I’m in the swimming pool, I’m out in the yard playing, I’m riding bikes with them. I can go to work and stand without the pain.

Is there any particular staff member In particular that has helped you that stands out or that has impacted you and in what way?

Well they all have, I mean, but I would say Dr. Mehta. I can’t speak much highly enough, he’s just anything he’s the top doctor, he’s a great doctor.

What would you say to someone who you know who is experiencing pain? Any words of wisdom for them?

Oh yes, I’ve sent a couple patients here, friends from Xenia, that have come here, they have been helped. Another good friend of mine, his wife had a horrible back, they put a stimulator in her and she just talks how great it is right now.

Tell me a little bit more about your military experience.

I spent 22 years in the Air Force 1972-1994. My active duty time I went to Southeast Asia in the Vietnam War. I worked on fighter jets over there as a mechanic. I also work as a volunteer at the National Air Force Museum, I get to smell those airplanes again.

Well thank you so much for participating and we wish you all the best.

Thank you very much.