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Do you suffer from sacroiliac joint pain that has failed to improve with time and/or conservative therapy? If so you may be a candidate for this quick and simple treatment option.

SI Joint Injections Q&A

What is a SI Joint Injection?

The sacroiliac (SI) joint connects the spine with the pelvis, and is a significant source for low back, buttock, groin and lower extremity pain. A sacroiliac joint injection is an injection of local anesthetic and a steroid medication into the sacroiliac joint. It can be used to both diagnose and treat SI joint dysfunction.

What are the Benefits?

Sacroiliac Joint Injections are a minimally invasive, low risk procedure that can cause a significant decrease in symptoms without disrupting your daily activities. In patients suffering from chronic sacroiliac joint pain, sacroiliac joint injections are preferred to the more conventional methods of treatment.

How Does it Work?

The procedure is minimally invasive and uncomplicated. Before the actual injection, the doctor will inject a local anesthetic in the treatment area to numb the skin. The doctor will then inject the steroid into the joint space of the SI joint, where the irritated nerve roots are located. 

The entire procedure usually takes less than 15 minutes.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Typically, the pain relief experienced from this procedure lasts 3-6 months, and some patients have reported that one injection has taken care of the pain and swelling. Results vary by patient.

When Will I Feel Better?

It will take 1-2 days after the injection to feel better. Immediately following the procedure you will likely feel quite comfortable because the area will be numb from the first injection of the local anesthetic.

Generally the effects of the anesthetic will wear off about two hours following the procedure. At this time it’s normal to experience increased pain that may initially be worse than the pain experienced before the injection. This type of discomfort is called a post-injection flare and is the result of injecting a steroid directly into the joint. The pain will subside in a day or two, and it’s recommended to treat the area with ice and over-the-counter analgesics during this time period. Thereafter, the steroid effect continues to get stronger and stronger such that the peak effect occurs at about two weeks.

Is a SI Joint Injection Right for Me?

Before considering an injection, a doctor will perform a thorough examination focusing on the lower back, hips, pelvis and lower extremities. If the physical examination determines that the cause of the pain is the SI joint this injection may be recommended. We will schedule an appointment with one of our Board Certified Physicians, to see if this treatment is a good fit for you.