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Aqua Therapy in Dayton Ohio

What is Aquatic Therapy?

Aquatic therapy, or pool therapy, is a series of exercises or programs performed in water. This type of therapy uses the physical properties of water to assist in recovery and exercise performance. It is commonly used and can be beneficial to people with a variety of medical conditions.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

Along with the many advantages of standard physical therapy and rehabilitation, aquatic therapy allows for the water to support the weight of the patient, reducing the stress on joints. It greatly benefits patients with problems such as arthritis, weight problems, or fractured bones since it is less painful to perform exercises and aids in strengthening.

Aquatic therapy also takes advantage of the hydrostatic pressure. The pressure helps to decrease swelling and improve joint position awareness (proprioception). This awareness can be important for people with torn ligaments whose proprioception has decreased as a result of the injury. The decrease in swelling of the joint and soft tissue can also help with other injury or arthritic conditions.

In addition, aquatic therapy can be a great way to start exercising following a lengthy recovery. Many people find that the water allows them to move their joints and areas of injury more so than on land, which can increase mental health and recovery processes.

Aquatic Fitness Center at DOC

The Aquatic Fitness Center at DOC provides hands-on instruction by trained PT and PTA for post-op patients, trauma rehab, and pain management. With 11 Paramount rotational strengthening stations, a multi-station Cybex strengthening center, and Aerodyne treadmills and exercise bikes, each program is individualized to fit the patient’s needs.

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