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Surgery Center vs Hospital

Most patients believe all surgeries and procedures should be performed in a hospital. For patients having a lower risk or minimally invasive procedure, Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC’s), can be a beneficial alternative to a hospital outpatient department.

Lower Healthcare Costs

Cost savings can come in the form of a lower deductible and coinsurance payments for patients as a result of our lower overhead. In most cases, you will pay a lower coinsurance payment for procedures at DOC Surgery Center compared to a hospital. Lower overhead means less cost for you.

Transparency in Healthcare Costs

It can be difficult to get pricing information on your upcoming procedure from a hospital. We try to make our cost information available to you before your surgery. You really do deserve to know details about your out-of-pocket responsibility so you can evaluate, compare costs and make wise financial decisions with your healthcare dollars.

Safer and Cleaner

DOC Surgery Center adheres to the same quality standards as hospitals for cleanliness and safety and follows all CDC guidelines.

Comfortable, Relaxed Environment

Hospitals can be stressful, with limited parking seemingly miles away from the procedure location. Our facility is small, freestanding and schedules a limited number of procedures per day. You’ll find a friendly and relaxed environment much different from the hospital.

One Physician Dedicated to Your Care

Because of our targeted, specialized services, DOC Surgery Center provides custom, personalized care. As a patient, one physician will be dedicated to your care for the entire visit.

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