Do you suffer from low back pain that has failed to improve with time and/or conservative therapy? If so you may be a candidate for this quick and simple treatment option.

Vertiflex Q&A

What is Vertiflex?

A safe, minimally invasive, outpatient treatment that can help patients suffering from Lumbar Spinal Stenosis (LSS).

What are the Benefits?

Research has demonstrated that peripheral nerve stimulation may be used effectively in the management of acute as well as chronic pain.

How Does it Work?

Vertiflex is an outpatient procedure that uses a small implant that creates a space for nerves in the spinal canal. The implant works by supporting your existing anatomy and is completely reversible.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Vertiflex procedure can provide significant long-term relief and results may vary by patient.

When Will I Feel Better?

For 6 weeks following your procedure, your doctor may instruct you to limit lifting, bending and strenuous activity. All patients have different needs.

Is Vertiflex Right for Me?

If you have been diagnosed with LSS, this treatment may be a good option for you. We will schedule an appointment with one of our Board Certified Physicians, to see if Vertiflex is a good option for you.