MILD Procedure

Mild is a safe, outpatient, minimally invasive, fluoroscopically guided therapeutic treatment that can help LSS patients stand longer and walk farther with less pain. Performed through a 5.1 mm treatment portal that requires no general anesthesia, no implants, and no stitches. Mild safely decompresses the spinal canal by removing small portions of lamina and hypertrophic ligamentum flavum leaving the structural stability of the spine intact.

DRG stimulation

DRG stimulation features two components that are surgically implanted: A pulse generator, which is placed beneath the skin in the buttocks or abdomen, and up to four leads. The leads are attached to the pulse generator and the tissue near the target treatment area. When activated, the leads send very small electrical impulses to the dorsal root ganglion, thereby blocking the pain stimulant.


The Vertiflex Procedure is redefining the treatment of LSS for patients. It provides patients with a clinically proven, minimally invasive solution that is designed to deliver long-term relief from the leg and back pain associated with LSS. This level-one evidence-based procedure is supported by data from patients who reported successful outcomes up to five years.

Pain management services

MRI/CT/xray Services

Physical Therapy

Pool Therapy

Medication Management

Lumbar/Cervical Cacet Blocks for Arthritis

Lumbar/Cervical Radiofrequency for Arthritis

SI Joint Injections

Celiac Blocks for Abdominal Pain (Cancer/Post Surgery/Crohns, UC, Pancreatitis)

Hypogastric Blocks for Pelvic Pain (Cancer, Endometriosis, Testicular Pain)

Lumbar Sympathetic Blocks (CRPS, Leg Pain, Neuropathy)

Occipital Nerve Blocks, Botox (For Chronic Migraines)

Genicular Nerve Blocks/Radiofrequency (For Knee OA, Post Operative Knee Pain)

Suprascapular Nerve Blocks/Radiofrequency (For Shoulder OA, Post Operative Shoulder Pain)

Femoral Nerve Blocks (Hip OA, Avascuar Necrosis, Post Operative Hip Pain)

Trigger Points (Muscle Pain/Fibromyalgia)

Spinal Cord Stimulation (CRPS, Failed Back Pain, Neuropathy)

Intrathecal Pump (Cancer Pain, Lower Back Pain, Failed Back Pain)

Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation (Pelvic Pain, Hernia pain, CRPS, Ankle Pain/Foot Pain)

Vertiflex (Interspinous Spacer for Lumbar Stenosis)

Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression (For Lumbar Stenosis)

SI Fusion (SI Joint Pain)

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Regenerative Medicine (Platelet Rich Plasma, Bone Marrow)

Top Diagnosis

Lumbar Stenosis/Cervical Stenosis

Degenerative Disc Disease

Lumbar/Cervical Disc Herniation

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Failed Back Pain Syndrome


Chronic Migraines


– MRI/CT/xray services

– Physical therapy

– Pool therapy

– Medication management

– Epidural Steroid injections for neck and lower back herniated discs

– Lumbar/Cervical facet blocks for arthritis

– Lumbar/Cervical radiofrequency for arthritis

– SI joint injections

– Celiac blocks for abdominal pain (cancer/post surgery/crohns, UC, pancreatitis)

– Hypogastric blocks for pelvic pain (cancer, endometriosis, testicular  pain)

– Lumbar sympathetic blocks (CRPS, leg pain, neuropathy)

– Occipital nerve blocks, botox (for chronic migraines)

– Genicular nerve blocks/radiofrequency for (knee OA, post operative knee pain)

– Suprascapular nerve blocks/radiofrequency for (shoulder OA, post operative shoulder pain)

– Femoral nerve blocks (hip OA, Avascuar necrosis, post operative hip pain)

– Trigger points (muscle pain/fibromyalgia)

– Spinal Cord Stimulation (CRPS, failed back pain, neuropathy)

– Intrathecal pump (cancer pain, lower back pain, failed back pain)

– Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation (pelvic pain, hernia pain, CRPS, ankle pain/foot pain)

– Vertiflex (interspinous spacer) for lumbar stenosis

– Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression (for lumbar stenosis)

– SI fusion (SI joint pain)

– Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

– Regenerative Medicine (Platelet Rich Plasma, Bone Marrow)


Top Diagnosis

– lumbar stenosis/cervical stenosis

– degenerative disc disease

– lumbar/cervical disc herniation

– complex regional pain syndrome

– failed back pain syndrome

– fibromyalgia

– chronic migraines

– osteoarthritis